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Avantgarde (82)

Our most advance and progressive designs, not always groundbreaking but something very special at the time of manufacturing.

Prestige (183)

Classic Designs, from Empire Hanging Chandeliers to typical Ceiling Chandeliers, old age design with the technology of the 21st century

Impression (39)

We are not only crystal, we are craftsmen in a metal workshop and so we love to show off our skills in doing "naked" chandeliers and "wall lights"

Lifestyle (286)

Chandeliers and Wall Lights for almost every room. From the Entrance to the Living Room further to the Dining Table and last but not least the Bedroom. These designs are for you, for your Home.

Elegance (172)

This is Dotzauer, this is where everything started and the history of in-house production of chandeliers started. The typical Austrian Maria-Theresia Chandelier in almost every diameter and design you can imagine.


  • Manufaktur und Schauraum in Brunn am Gebirge Manufaktur und Schauraum

Mo-Fr: 9:00 bis 17:00
Sa: 10:00 bis 13:00

Worldmap Dotzauer

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Staatliche Auszeichnung

verliehen durch den Bundesminister 1990